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Culture. Heritage. Tradition. They provide the perfect backdrop for a place to escape it all, providing a rich source of architectural and Interior design influence to create a space that reflects the personality of its surroundings. Guests will have a unique experience they will carry with them long after they leave.


The 456-square-meter lebanese resturant is located in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia and surrounded by Al-Gosaibi Hotel building and landscape which help our designers to achieve their goals of making the space environment an integral part of the Lebanese culture & nature. Our client focused on designing a high standard resturant for a quality of work and entertainment environment to accommodate more than 200 customers at the same time. The design incorporates the latest technology & stratagy in lighting system, kitchen equipments, furniture and food serving ways that facilitates and encourages collaboration, teamwork, efficiency and innovation, all of which are essential to promoting the service-customer culture that is the lifeblood of the business’s growth strategy and future success.


Why Lebanon ?

Lebanon is unique in many aspects, unlike any other country in the Middle East. Its rich cultural mix, with over 6,000 years of history, one of the oldest continuously inhabited countries in the world, is influenced by various civilizations and religions that passed through its history, making Lebanon a land of contrast and diversity.


Lebanon's nature is a feast for the eyes, where mountains slope to meet the Mediterranean sea forming amazing scenery. In the West lies the beautiful Bekaa valley, lined with small rivers and abundant fresh water springs, giving Lebanon its greenery and rich nature.


Lebanon's people are warm, friendly and hospitable people; very generous and enjoy living life to the full. Sports, activities, partying, night life, shopping centers displaying goods from all around the world, restaurants, hotels,anything you can think of, you can find in Lebanon!


The Lebanese cuisine is very rich and varied. You can also find countless restaurants serving cuisines from around the world.


456 square meter




Interior Design




Project Management



Project Features

Glass Garden-Jardin Verre The House -La Maison

The Terrace - Le Terrace

Corrido - Couloir

The Sun Room - Le Salon De Soleil

The Arcades - Les Arcades

The Bar area

Main Kitchen

Landscape area

Men and Women Toilet

The Vesion


The project team was very hands-on throughout the duration of the project, and their goals were met by conducting interview sessions with a representative from each business unit to communicate their specific organizational and staffing needs. The representative participated in four major steps of the planning phase including detailed programming, space allocation, business unit planning, review sessions and approval.


Furthermore, space allocation diagrams were utilized along with detailed programming information so that layouts by department and final departmental plans could be prepared. Those plans were used to place orders for furniture; identify telephone and data requirements and locations; develop detailed move plans sequencing; workstation numbering; and final employee locations.

قَد صَدَقَ الوَرْدُ في الذي زَعَمَا أنّكَ صَيّرْتَ نَثْرَهُ دِيَمَا.. كأنّمَا مائِجُ الهَوَاءِ بِهِ بَحْرٌ حَوَى مِثلَ مائِهِ عَنَمَا

نَاثِرُهُ النّاثِرُ السّيُوفَ دَمَا وَكُلَّ قَوْلٍ يَقُولُهُ حِكَمَا.. وَالخَيْلَ قَد فَصّلَ الضّياعَ بهَا وَالنِّعَمَ السّابِغاتِ وَالنِّقَمَا

فَلْيُرِنَا الوَرْدُ إنْ شَكَا يَدَهُ أحسَنَ منهُ من جُودِها سَلِمَا.. فَقُلْ لهُ لَستَ خَيرَ ما نَثَرَتْ وَإنّمَا عَوّذَتْ بكَ الكَرَمَا

خَوْفاً منَ العَينِ أنْ يُصَابَ بهَا أصَابَ عَيْناً بها يُصَابُ عَمَى

The Result


Bait Wared design encourages and allow guests to dive in and truly experience the Lebanese culture and nature in all the place's details. This design leaves a lasting impression long after the first visit has ended.

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