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Study Case

Classic interior design is derived from Greek and Roman design. This type of interior design is based upon order, balance, and perfect harmony. Classical design does not include any modern elements or current influences. Instead, it is steeped in tradition. In order to distinguish classical design from other types of design, it is important to understand the idea behind a focal point.


Classically designed rooms often contain large focal points. A large fireplace, grand table, or impressive staircase are good examples of focal points that are often used. Once a designer has chosen the focus of a room, all other items within the room are placed in order to enhance the look of the chosen focal point.


The idea behind a classically designed room is to create a sense of perfect symmetry. If a classic interior design were to be sliced down the middle, one side of a room would perfectly reflect the other side of a room. Everything from the lighting to the way that pictures are placed inside of a classic room should be immaculate.


Rooms in the Classic style attracting by their serene colors and atmosphere of reliability and imperial dignity. Today, wealthy people, with settled taste preferences, as well as those who prefer the age-old cultural values and traditions instead of fleeting fashion choose classic interiors.


History of Classicism style

Classicism originated in France in the 17th century and quickly spread over the Europe, became the dominant style for more than two centuries. Artists of that time were inspired by the art of ancient Greece and Rome, namely their rigor, clarity and simplicity.


Despite the strict rules, classicism though was manifested in different countries in its own way: if in France, the interior design was full of splendor and luster, in England Classicism was featured by rationalism and rigor. During the reign of Catherine the Great dignity, harmony and reasonable restraint of Classicism had conquered Russia. Buildings in Petersburg and their interiors served as an example for the design of rooms in the noble estates throughout the Russian Empire.


Russian Classicism is completely new trend in architecture of Russia at the end of 18-19 centuries. Russian classicism different from the world that allowed eclecticism (mixing classics with other styles).


113 square meter




Interior Design


Project Features


* Discreet cornices, and columns with clear outlines, marble fireplaces – all furnishings tend to circular form.

* The color scheme of the interior is maintained in light pastel colors.

* Niches are decorated with statues as in ancient times.

* Classical ornaments depict oak or laurel leaves, Greek meander, but it can be seen a certain order and symmetry at their disposition.

* Implied the presence of arches, stucco, half-columns and columns.

Color range

Using cream color decorated with gold leaf stucco friezes for the ceiling, beige, blue, and neutral shades of brown in natural wood for the finishing materials, furniture and textile, at the same time not forgetting that the area should not look gloomy and dark, making the overall classical interior atmosphere soothing.


Interior lighting

To illuminate this cafe in a classic style. The designer placed two crystal chandeliers with lamps made of transparent stones and expensive glass strictly in the center of the ceiling. They are a real work of art and the finest material handling. Their light is distributed evenly, which gives the interior a finished look. In addition to the ceiling lights, the designer decorated the space with bronze candlesticks and simulating candle chandeliers with shades. You can see the torches in the fabric lampshades in the space.


Space furniture

Furniture in Royal Cafe is functional, comfortable; furnishings are without "extra decor". Often wooden furniture is varnished that makes the interior airy and very furniture graceful. The designer used gold carving as decor and created a unique artistic composition, where every detail is in harmony with others and carefully selected by using precious woods, expensive upholstery velvet fabrics.


Accessories and decorative objects

The choice of decor for Royal Cafe is approached with great responsibility: it is restrained and solid. The opted porcelain products, antiques, paintings, statues and souvenirs made of marble and bronze. The paintings in the cafe are considered landscapes of artists of XVII-XIX centuries, as well as reproductions of famous religiously oriented paintings and portraits. Pictures are framed with exquisite wooden frames. They are a real decoration for this area.

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